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Our Fees:

Road Traffic Fees:

For Road Traffic cases that will be dealt with in the District Court we have set fees which we have set out below.  For criminal defence cases we will offer you a quote based on the complexity of the matter and taking into account your means.  You may be entitled to legal aid (for more information on legal aid click here).  Our fees are charged per court appearance.
Guilty Plea & Sentence - €525
What’s involved?
We will take your instructions, at a consultation in person or over the phone, and present your case to the court.  We will speak to the prosecutor, before court, and establish what charges, if any, they will agree to strike out on you entering a guilty plea.  We will get confirmation of your previous convictions, if any, which will influence what is said to the Judge.  We will establish what favourable facts may be agreed beforehand.
We will advise you on any letters of mitigation that may be helpful and will outline the potential penalties following conviction.
Not Guilty Plea & Trial - €725.00
What’s involved?
We will examine all evidence against you including the charge sheets/summonses; statements; cctv etc.  We will advise you on any defences that may be open to you.  We will speak to the prosecutor before court and establish which facts, if any, are agreed and what are the areas of contention.
We will present your case to the court.  For more information please see our section on court information on our website here: 
Adjournment/Remand - €325.00
What's involved?
Cases are adjourned/remanded for several reasons.  Typically, on the first day before the court, we will advise you to seek an adjournment/remand so that we may request disclosure of all the evidence in your case. 
Appeal to Circuit Court - €625.00
What’s involved?
We will serve the prosecutor with the appeal papers and lodge the papers with the Court Office.  We will then represent you in court for your hearing.
Application for Restoration of driving licence - €625.00
What’s involved?
Preparing the Application Form.  Attending the District Court Office to get a date for the application.  Attending the Stamp Office to get stamp duty endorsed on the Application Form.  Serving the Superintendent of the relevant Garda Station.  Completing Statutory Declaration of Service.  Filing completed Application Form and Statutory Declaration in the Court Office.
Attending Court for the application hearing.  Taking final instructions and presenting your case to the presiding Judge to include preparing you to give sworn evidence.  Dealing with any queries from members of an Garda Siochana or the presiding judge.



*The fees quoted are exclusive of vat (charged @ 23%) and are applicable for most road traffic offences where the issues are relatively straight forward and where one consultation and one court appearance is necessary.  Where  the case is more complex and/or additional consultations and court dates are required, additional fees may be charged.  

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