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We are pleased to act for small and medium enterprises who seek a first time licence, temporary one off or special licence or the renewal of an existing licence.

We will take you through the practical steps to prepare for your application and advocate on your behalf before the District Court to secure your licence.
Our fixed fee service of €1,230 plus the stamp duty Court fee is based on our ability to correspond on your behalf with the Gardai and Court office and ensure the application is ready to go on the first date it is before the Court.  We are solicitor-advocates so this fixed fee can be offered as we attend court in person on behalf of our clients.

The different types of licence applications we offer are:
  • Confirmation of transfer off-licence
  • Music and singing licence
  • Annual dance licence
  • Exemption for licensed business on Sunday afternoon
  • Limited restaurant certificate or a full restaurant certificate 
  • Club renewal
  • New wholesale beer dealers licence
  • Spirit grocers and/or retail beer dealers and/or wine off-licence consequent on a declaration
  • Public Bar in Hotel
  • Temporary dance licence
  • Public Dance Halls Act
  •  Special exemption order
  • Area exemption order
  • General exemption order
  • Occasional licence
  • Club exemptions
  • Exemption for special events in clubs
  • Ad interim transfer
  • Lottery licence
  • Gaming certificate
  • Application for removal of disqualification order
Objection to renewal of licence

Residents may object to a local pub having their licence renewed or granted. If the local pub wishes to have music or singing the local residents may object to that licence too.
The District Court will hear your objection at a specially fixed Court sitting.  Objections should only be brought in cases where you genuinely believe that;

1) The publican is NOT a fit and proper person to have their license renewed.

2) Where you have real and well documented evidence (photographs/videos/times and dates) that shows the character of the license holder is not of a standard expected of a licence holder on the basis of conduct of the licence holder in the year immediate to the renewal application.

So if for example your local publican is allowing patrons to drink on the street outside their pub or they are selling drink to underage or highly intoxicated persons on a regular basis you should call our office for further advice.  It is always better to try to resolve the issues informally with the publican directly or if needs be with the local Garda station.  However if all else fails please call our office.
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