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O'Sullivan Kenny LLP Delivery Policy

Payment and Identity Verification
Once you complete your payment for the initial consultation, you are required to upload proof of identity documents. This is a crucial step to confirm your identity and secure your information. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that all data is handled in compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Scheduling Your Consultation
After we receive your payment and verify your identity documents, our office will contact you to set up a time and date for your initial consultation. This session will be dedicated to understanding your legal needs in detail and providing preliminary advice tailored to your situation.

Further Legal Work
Should you require additional legal services beyond the initial consultation, these will be detailed and invoiced accordingly. We strive to maintain complete transparency regarding the costs and scope of our services to prevent any surprises.

Shipping / Delivery Information for Legal Documents
While our services are primarily digital and consultative, there are instances where physical documents may need to be shipped.

Physical Goods - What Clients Need to Know:
Total Cost of Shipping: Any costs associated with the shipping of physical documents will be clearly communicated beforehand.
Shipping Methods: Documents may be sent via local post, courier services like UPS or FedEx, depending on your location and preference.
Delivery Timeframes: We will provide an estimated delivery date at the time of shipping.
Tracking Information: If applicable, tracking information will be provided so you can locate and anticipate the arrival of your documents.
Returns: In the unlikely event that the documents are not as described, we will take responsibility for the return shipping fees to correct the issue.

Digital Goods - What Clients Need to Know:
Delivery of Digital Products: Upon confirmation of your payment, digital documents, such as consultation summaries or legal briefs, will be delivered via email or through a secure client portal.
Tracking: You will be able to access and download all digital products from the client portal, ensuring you can trace the receipt and review of your documents.
Quality Assurance: If any digital product isn't as expected, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

Client Satisfaction and Feedback
We are committed to providing an exceptional service experience. If you have any concerns or issues with the services or documents received, please contact us directly to address them promptly. Your satisfaction and positive feedback are vital to our practice, and we aim to resolve any issues to your complete satisfaction.

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