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O'Sullivan Kenny LLP Refund / Return Policy

At O'Sullivan Kenny Solicitors, we aim to ensure that our services meet the highest standards and comply with the latest Consumer Rights Act 2022. Our policy is designed to inform and protect you as per the guidelines laid out for services contracted on or after 29 November 2022.

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2022, services must be delivered with reasonable care and skill, match descriptions provided through advertisements, and comply with the formal standards of the contract. O'Sullivan Kenny Solicitors commits to these standards by providing legal services that meet your expectations and the requirements of the law.

Refund for Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is tailored specifically to each client's unique legal needs and circumstances. Given the bespoke nature of this legal advice, fees for initial consultations are non-refundable. We ensure that all potential clients are aware of this policy before payment to align with the Act’s requirement for transparency and pre-purchase information disclosure.

Transparency and Information Rights
Prior to your engagement with us, you will receive all necessary information including our business name, address, details of the service provided, total price, and the length of the contract where applicable. This information is presented clearly and concisely to facilitate your understanding and decision-making process.

Service Expectations
Our team is committed to providing services that:

  • Are performed with the required legal expertise and due care.

  • Align with the descriptions provided during consultations and in promotional materials.

  • Meet any additional terms agreed upon within the contract.

  • Use only materials and methods that are fit for purpose and meet your agreed requirements.

If You Are Not Happy With the Service
We take client satisfaction seriously. If you feel our services have not met the agreed terms, we are committed to addressing these concerns promptly and efficiently, in line with the Consumer Rights Act. This includes rectifying any service discrepancies at no additional cost to you, within a reasonable timeframe and without significant inconvenience.

Dispute Resolution and Further Information
Should a dispute arise, you are encouraged to contact us directly for resolution. Additionally, you can reach out to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) for further advice and support. Our refund and service policy is readily accessible on our website, available via a link in the footer of each page to ensure compliance with the requirement for easy accessibility.

Contact Information
For more information about our services or to discuss any aspect of this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our office details, opening hours, and contact information are available on our website.

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